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I am an inexperienced trekker. Can I participate?

Of course. The paths we choose are suitable for all types of trekkers but we can create a route that is appropriate to your needs and capabilities.


In case of rain/ bad weather what happens?

We follow the weather forecast continually and we will inform you via email if the weather conditions are inappropriate and postpone the trek after consulting with you.


Can young children partake in the walk?

Naturally. It is advisable that they are over 10 and have some association with walking. Each route is chosen by you so we can adapt it to include children if you wish.


What special equipment is required?

The equipment supplied is, walking poles/batons ( optional), backpack ( optional), and a raincoat. You should wear proper walking shoes/ boots, hat, sunscreen and wear appropriate outdoor clothing. If you choose to eat at a taverna, a change of clothes is recommended.


If I choose to eat at a taverna, how do I get back?

We will see to it that you are returned but this has to be discussed and organized beforehand.


Will there always be someone with us on our trek?

Yes of course. There will be a trekker familiar with the area and for your safety he/she is well- acquainted with the footpaths and also has a certificate in first aid training.


Will there be water and a snack along the way?

We will ensure that there are 1 or 2 stops for a break depending on the distance, always at a viewpoint, where you will be offered water, tea or coffee and a small snack.


What is your policy on the amount of people in each group?

We will inform you about the number of people in each group which will never exceed 8 persons. You could if you wish specify if you would like the walk to be your group exclusively.


Will I need to carry any medication with me for stings?

No, as your trekker will have a first aid kit.


I’m a runner can I go trail running?

If you are in good health of course. The only thing required is care and caution.


If I go trail running what will the pace be?

While trail running there is no regular pace and this is the difference with off road running. Don’t forget this isn’t a race or running event but exercising and feeling great about doing a different activity and seeing superb scenery and landscape.


Which is the most suitable time/season to walk/run in Corfu?

On our island all seasons are great for this type of activity. The best months are March, April, May, June, September,and October due to the fact that the temperature is more bearable. July and August are extremely hot so we are required to start early in the morning or late in the evening.

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