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Trail Travellers started out as a dream but eventually came true when Vasilis Koutsouris fulfilled his vision.

Vasilis Koutsouris Profile


Loves nature, sports & travelling

Born and raised in Kassiopi, on the North-Eastern coast of Corfu, Vasilis has always been an avid lover of nature, sport and travelling. He believes that his local area has rare beauty worthwhile experiencing and a history to learn about, so for these reasons and more, Trail Travellers is offering you a different holiday, to go trekking, sightseeing, enjoy local, traditional food all from a different perspective .

┬┤My passion is running and in particular trail running. I feel close and part of nature and would love to share this feeling with other nature lovers’.

Vasilis has taken part in many trail-running events but also abroad in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. He also has a certificate in first-aid rescue training ensuring for your safety while trekking.

‘I look forward to walking or running with you through the paths I personally train, giving you one more reason to love my country apart from its hospitality, exquisite food and landmarks, …….. its rare beauty and breathtaking scenery’.

Sophie Carter

A walking trekker with Trail Travellers, shares with Vasilis a love of walking, running, nature, also Kassiopi and its beautiful countryside. After growing up in Exmoor, she eventually settled in Corfu with her Greek husband and 4 children. Together with her husband Yanni and Vasilis she has participated in marathons and trail races and trains along the routes through which she will guide you. She has completed her First Aid training.

“People sometimes ask me if I am ever bored here…an island …very quiet winters… I reply; Look around you.. Everyday, in this beautiful place, I can walk and run here and I do.. With my family, friends, my dogs or on my own… In the sun, rain …The sky, the hills, the colours constantly change… It is truly an amazing place to be, and I am lucky to be able to spend my time in such a wonderful way!”