Exclusive for Trail Lovers

Whoever loves nature, sport and adventure we propose an alternative and interesting activity to participate in while on holiday in the North East of Corfu and to see our island from a different perspective. Apart from sun, crystal-clear waters, exquisite food and entertainment our area has impressive mountains, challenging trails and traditional villages forgotten by time itself.

North Corfu trail experience

We present you with the opportunity to explore and hike with us through unique paths and forests leading you to breathtaking views that stretch from the straits of North-East Corfu to the depths of the Adriatic Sea. Unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, unexplored caves full of mysterious legends, villages, churches and monasteries that date back to the 15th century as well as traditional tavernas where you will taste authentic Corfiot specialities.

Adventure on holiday

If fun and action are high on your agenda when on holiday, whether you are extremely sporty or even a holiday maker at a leisurely pace, we offer you the chance to test your ability at mountain trail walking/running, experiencing and enjoying the natural landscape that the region has and making your holiday very different, yet also enjoying the unique, imposing views and scenery we have.

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Create your own route

walking or running

We provide you with the choice of either walking or running, creating your own route, the distance, level of difficulty, type of trail, the pace that is right for you, sights that you wish to see and all of this whilst participating in a diverse activity. We are well-acquainted with the region since we were born and raised locally and all safety measures are taken to ensure a pleasurable walk. The only prerequisite is your keen desire to explore, good health and we are positive that you will leave Corfu with rich memories of the rare beauty which will be engraved in your mind forever.

Our Routes

walking or running

The routes we have chosen are indicative of the beauty and scenery of North-East Corfu. The routes are especially selected to appeal to all level of trekkers/runners yet also trying to include a whole perspective of our area. Through these routes you can make your own choice, deciding on the places you wish to see and also the level of difficulty, combining both pleasure and sports, surrounded by the beauty and harmony of our nature.